Traditional costumes

Ladies festive costume

Consisting of red or green skirts. The bodices of all traditional costumes are made of black fabric, laced at the front to match the skirt. A white blouse with lace ruffles at the neck and arms is worn under the bodice. A coloured velvet ribbon matching the skirt is tied over the white apron. A black scarf with colourful flowers is worn over the dress. On colder days, a black jacket with velvet appliqués can be worn as an option. White knee-high socks, a petticoat and black, closed shoes are worn with the traditional costume.

Men's festive costume

Consisting of knee breeches made of black cloth and a red, blue or green waistcoat. White shirts with frills on the sleeves and neck are worn under the waistcoats. A black velvet jacket can also be worn here as an option. This is combined with white knee socks and black shoes.

Youth costume

This is also identical to the summer costume of the adult group.

The costume consists of a bordeaux-coloured skirt and a white blouse. A blue and white striped apron is tied over this, which is attached to a cloth of the same colour.

Children's costume

The traditional costume consists of white blouses worn with blue and white striped ankle-length skirts. A bordeaux-coloured apron is tied over it, which matches the colour of the neckerchief.