As can also be seen in the history section, we have travelled to quite a few European and Eastern European countries over the last five decades in addition to weekend trips in Germany and got to know the country and its people at various international folklore festivals. Accommodation was usually in private host families, which further intensified contact with the hosts, or in schools or student residences. This in turn usually welded our own group together, as everyone had to cope with the same fate under the motto "A lot of fun for little money". On our trips abroad or on return visits to Germany, it was not uncommon for one or two people to be so enthusiastic about the country or the people that they didn't want to go home again and there were plenty of tears when they said goodbye. Our trips abroad to Hungary, Estonia, Austria, Finland, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Serbia, the Netherlands, our big trip to Greece, Prague, Mallorca and Portugal are of course all fond memories.